Your TIME is valuable, and your LIFE depends on it!

A clock without the first and second hands

The average amount of time a doctor spends with a patient in any setting, . And that even though doctors understand that the patient interview and time spent with their patient is valuable, !


How much do you think you could share with and convey to your provider about all you are feeling in 13–28 minutes? How helpful would they be if they stopped listening after 11 seconds?

That response, or lack thereof, is dismissive and most of all, !!

I want you to think about this for a second. I’ve felt it, you’ve felt it, we have all been in situations with providers (and people), that were not giving us their undivided attention. It’s frustrating and disrespectful! It diminishes the confidence and trust you have in the person you are talking to, and lessens the chances that you will open up to share with them again, especially when it is something that is truly bothering you, upsetting you, or needs attention.

How can we change this narrative? Do we speak louder? Some have tried this and were dismissed. Do we speak up? I have tried this and was dismissed and almost died!! Or do we that the people that we are paying to care for us, actually to us?

I urge you to continue to use your voice, to speak up for yourselves, to speak up for others and to start to believe that you deserve the care that pay for and have the right to receive, you, your babies and your families.



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