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3 min readApr 5, 2022


Black Joy!

So, what are “Favorite Finds”?

Cue the jingle… “these are a few of our fav-or-ite thiiiiiiiinggggggs”…

In our work, we get to see, touch and experience all of the newest baby gadgets and products, without ever purchasing a thing (yay, us).

Now to put this into further context, when something popular starts to float around our community, we all hear about and see it, it flies up and down our social media feeds, it’s shared in our FB groups and makes its rounds in the birth world. Sometimes the recommendation is coming from the birth pro, most times, it is coming directly from our clients.

There is something about the authenticity of a client or birth pro’s excitement when they make a great purchase, and in hearing their honest review and feelings about that product without all the drama. As birth pros, we will also more than likely have a client who is either asking us about the product, has heard about it, or has already purchased it. And working with 30–50 clients per year (average for experienced birth pros), we get A LOT of use out of these items and a lot of feedback from clients.

We trust our clients and their feedback is valuable, so we have dedicated a section on our web app and in our newsletter, with some of these favorite products! These may be items for baby, items for the mom or birth parent, or items for support people. This month we are highlighting The Arch’s must-have Postpartum products!

Here are some of our “Favorite Finds” for postpartum:

1) Padsicles

The Arch has our own recipe and many of our birth pros already provide this game changing item for postpartum — these are great and help with tearing, bleeding, and promotes healing/recovery.

2) Peri bottle

For after birth, bending and reaching to wipe and clean up can be hard- this will be your new best friend. Add a little warm water and spray!

3) Probiotics

To help regulate your gut and digestion for that first postpartum poop, Oy!

*consult with your ob gyn or primary care physician about use of any items that you ingest*

4) Belly Binder/Rebozo — to help the uterus contract and “close the bones”



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