Authenticity, Over The Sell

Authenticity is the number one thing I look for when I patronize a business, over the idea that the item is pretty or even its price (aside from clothing or shoes, although a few well known brands have made fools of themselves in the last year and made me more aware of where I would and would not spend my dollars, lol). If something is going to be used, eaten, shared by me, my family, come into my home and be something that I recommend to others, I need to see something in that business or brand that I can see in myself or see me or my family using. Because authenticity over looks, cost or attention, is important to me, I try to reflect that in the way I interact with others and run my businesses.

In my opinion, it is hard for people to discern what is real and what is fake and that is based on two things: 1) the value they place on that thing and 2) how real or authentic they are themselves. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “real recognize real” and in my 36 years on earth, I’ve known that saying to be true. We’ve all had our fair share of people that we’ve met, who right off the bat, we connect with, have instant chemistry, understand, value, and then we’ve had those that don’t mesh with us and we are at odds with no matter how hard we try to create relationships, your ties with any business should feel like this, and not the latter.

When you support a business that is centered around customer service and meant to cater to clients during very personal and highly important times in their lives (those 3 categories are health/births, deaths and weddings), you, as the consumer should have the most value placed on you, not your money. Birth work is personal and so is the experience of becoming a parent (whether you give birth or not), services should be catered to your liking and your needs (and we do). In this day and age, a la carte and concierge services are reserved for the rich and wealthy, but in my opinion, those 3 areas matter the MOST and if you are going to pay for a service, then it should be exactly what you desire, but more importantly, what you need. At The Arch, you should see yourself in our support, hear your stories, feel heard/understood, it should feel like a safe space and like community, like home. We don’t need to boast about how great our customer service is, we show up and show you with our actions.

Our mission has always been to connect people, all people, directly to access that they can choose, not by providing them a few people that we prefer, in order to make that sell or sale. We cut out the middle man, and do offer assistance with our liaison and care coordinator, if needed. YOU get to decide. This is YOUR experience, this is the person YOU will be entrusting with your birth and support, with YOUR baby and while we want a hand in that ,to support you, YOU have to feel like you made the best decision for YOU.

We are here to support and care for you and your family. In those moments where we are taking care of you and the people most important to you, the only opinions and desire/needs that matter, are yours. If the business you support, doesn’t support you in the way that you need to be supported, what are you supporting them for, referring them for and paying them for?

CEO of a web based app that connects users to support options for pregnancy, birth, post partum, loss, infertility and more!

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